Brothers, what do we really want?

As Men watch the super hero, war or sports movie, something stirs within us. We want to be the hero, the underdog that overcomes, the man who comes through at the last minute. Men, we put before you that Jesus is asking you to walk the path of Extreme Ownership and become the hero, and the underdog who overcomes.

Our theme - Extreme ownership - is based on the Book by Jocko W. and Biff Labin. Two former Navy Seals sharing with us combat personal leadership lessons. Angel Gift here
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Frozen Chosen 2025 planning is underway...


Reignite your love for the outdoors with Frozen Chosen, a one-of-a-kind winter camping experience for men.  The camp is designed to create a well rounded experience through prayer, singing, devotionals and an amazing campfire to rejuvenate your spirit, mind and soul.

Join us for the annual Edmonton vs Calgary hockey game, learn outdoor survival skills, play some cards or board games, and enjoy a movie night!

At Frozen Chosen, Men are inspired, encouraged and refreshed. Dads and sons grow closer. Boys explore and connect with their "wild side" (don't worry, they'll be safe). Everyone builds memories and relationships that are both meaningful and lasting.

We encourage outdoor winter camping, but at Pine Lake Christian Camp, there are shared cabins available for most.